About me

Having worked in the media industry for a considerable period, I have incorporated the knowledge and insights from the business invironment into my law practice. I love and respect the law as a science, but it can never stand in the way of finding the right solution. A judgment is hardly ever better than a solution found by parties themselves, but it is always more expensive and usually more time consuming.

I have of course a law degree, but also a degree in social sciences, which proves extremely useful in practising family law. I studied information science as well. I graduated my law master with a thesis on internet law, keeping up with that subject to this day through long term volunteering for an internet forum. My other pastime, horseback riding, proves helpful in finding solutions in equine business conflicts.

My law practise is about people, agreements and relationships, and what to do when things don’t turn out the way they were planned. It usually gets more complicated when international aspects enter into the equasion. I have worked with people from around the globe to find solutions that serve their interests best, taking into account factors like Dutch law, local law and international law, but also religious rules and personal beliefs. I have cooperated cross border with lawyers in other countries to coordinate procedures. And I have a particular beef with the Dutch municipalities who keep registering names from foreigners, and their children who are born here, wrongly, because they work from old guidelines and refuse to see the people in front of them.

Whether a conflict is a personal or a business matter, there are always financial and emotional aspects to balance. My goal is to find a solution that is efficient measured in time as well as money and that leaves my client with a conflict solved, both practically as well as emotionally. Where that balance is to be found is different in every case and is always up to the client. Because the law was instituted for man, not the other way around.